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Application Information

The Lincoln County Library District (LCLD) is currently looking for a new District Librarian.

The Lincoln County Library District is an unusual organization. The District was formed to provide funding and services to public libraries in Lincoln County. The funding for LCLD comes from property taxes, a permanent tax base and a 5-year local option tax. The local option tax has been successfully renewed a number of times. The office is not in a public library but the District Librarian does manage one small library, the Siletz Public Library. The majority of the Library District funds are distributed to local city public libraries to reimburse them for providing library services to everyone living in Lincoln County.

The Library District funds OCLC access for the libraries and provides staff to assist libraries with cataloging and interlibrary loans. LCLD provides courier service, including vans and staff, between the public libraries, Oregon Coast Community College, and the Oregon State University Hatfield Marine Science Center. A connection is also funded so that the libraries are all a part of the Orbis Cascade Alliance courier service,

In recent years LCLD began managing the Chinook Library Network,, at the request of the smaller libraries in the county. They were unable to afford Innovative Interfaces, Inc., which the two larger public libraries in the county moved to a few years ago, . This doesn’t take a lot of time and does give us an opportunity to learn a bit about open source solutions for libraries since we are using Koha with ByWater Solutions as our service company. The Chinook Library Network is used by 3 public libraries, 3 community college libraries, and the LCLD office. We have also begun setting up a small branch in Depoe Bay that still needs lots of work.

Though we work out of a small office with a garage we are able to provide lots of services and help with coordinated efforts among the libraries in the county. This makes this a fun and creative position though the District Librarian also deals with standard library director activities including budgeting and bookkeeping, personnel management, policies and procedures, and collection development.

We hope to hire someone for the District Librarian position who is creative and energetic, able to work in a cooperative atmosphere, and has a good base knowledge of library services and management.

Applications must be submitted by Monday, July 16, 2018. Applications mailed must be postmarked by Monday, July 16, 2018.

What to include in you Application:

  1. The application form completely filled out: Application (Required)
  2. Answer the 3 questions: Questions (Required)
  3. Submit anything else you would like to help us get to know you such as resumes and cover letters.

Where to Submit Applications:

Because we are frequently away from the office we request that applications be submitted by email, mailed or faxed. Fax only when someone is in the office.

Email applications to:

Mail applications to:
Lincoln County Library District
P.O. Box 2027
Newport, OR 97365

Fax applications to:
541-265-3066 (does not work when we are out of the office)

The office is located at 1247 NW Grove, #2, Newport (NOT the Newport Public Library). The office is not open on any set schedule so it is better to email, mail or fax the applications than to hand deliver them.

Please read the position description and completely fill out the application. Cover letters and resumes are accepted as well but the application MUST be submitted along with any of these other supplemental materials.

For more information please call 541-265-3066 or email

Job Announcement:

Have you ever wanted the ideal library director position? Have you ever wanted to live and work on the Oregon coast? Are you interested in a position where you can be creative, have flexible time, and a great opportunity to learn more and to contribute to local libraries as well as state, and national associations? Here is your chance. Due to retirement, the District Librarian position at Lincoln County Library District is becoming available. Job description and application materials may be found at Please send any questions you have to
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