Ballot Measure 21-133


Notice is hereby given on
August 11, 2009 that a measure election will be held in Lincoln County, Oregon on November 3, 2009

The following shall be the ballot title of the measure to be submitted to the District’s voters on this date November
3, 2009:




Shall Library District renew levy of 9¢ per $1,000 assessed value for five years, beginning 2010-2011, to fund your library?

This measure renews current local option taxes.


This measure will renew the expiring local option tax. Approval of this measure continues providing funding at its present level for the Lincoln County Library District and the
funding it provides to libraries in Lincoln City, Newport, Siletz, Toledo and Waldport.

It is estimated that this measure would raise approximately $313,285 in tax revenues for 2010-2011, $322,684 in tax revenues for 2011-2012, $332,364 in tax revenues for 2012-2013, $342,335 in tax revenues for 2013-2014, and $352,605 in tax revenues for 2014-2015. The estimated tax cost for this measure is an ESTIMATE ONLY based on the best information available from the county assessor at the time of the estimate.

The following authorized district official hereby certifies the above ballot title is true and complete.

_ August 11, 2009
Chris D. Boyle
President Lincoln County Library District Board


Before the formation of the Lincoln County Library District, people living in unincorporated areas of Lincoln County and Depoe Bay did not have access to a public library without paying for a library card. In 1991 the city libraries of Lincoln City, Newport, Siletz, Toledo and Waldport began contracting with the Library District to receive funds for providing fee free library service to all residents of Lincoln County. In order to continue this service, voters in 2004 approved a local option tax levy at 9¢ per $1000 assessed value which expires in 2009-2010. Approval of this measure will renew the levy for another five years and allow the service to continue.

Who votes on this measure?
Every voter living outside the city limits of Lincoln City, Newport, Toledo and Yachats.

Why is renewal of the 5-year local option tax needed?
To ensure that you will continue to have full access to the public libraries in Lincoln City, Newport, Siletz, Toledo and Waldport.

The library services include:
• Check out books, videos, DVD’s and other library materials.
• Reserve books, videos, DVD’s and other library materials 24 hours a day through the Internet
• Internet access to reference databases
• Computer use for checking your e-mail and using the Inter­net
• Courier service which brings materials you request
from other libraries to your local library

What happens if the tax does not pass?
Dollar losses to libraries based on 2008-2009 revenue:
· Driftwood (Lincoln City) - $60,686
· Newport - $89,451
· Siletz - $16,716
· Toledo - $25,592
· Waldport - $32,798

Some or all of these things may happen at your local library if tax does not pass:
• Fewer books and other materials being purchased for your library
• Reductions in hours of library operation
• Reductions in courier service and interlibrary loans
• Reductions in library staffing levels
• Possible changes in agreements for city library usage by Library District residents
• Elimination of some library programs and services

• May require people living outside the city limits of Lincoln City, Newport and Toledo to purchase
a library card in order to use these city libraries

(This information submitted by Chris D. Boyle, President, Board of Directors, Lincoln County Library District)